• Black and rust
  • Cropped
  • Docked


Compact, athletic Raider is a very smart  and eager-to-please Doberman who thrives with consistent and knowledgeable handling. This little dude’s obedience skills are very on point and he has a lot of fun showing off in training. However, Raider is more than his cute face and playful attitude: he is also capable of serious resource guarding and extreme resistance to handling for basic grooming, two issues that are being addressed through attention by our experienced training and kennel staff. Raider is definitely not a starter model and will never be the ideal “couch dog” many families seek out. It would be tremendously unfair to expect him to turn into a mellow house-pet but he would be a great project dog for a professional trainer or handler with serious working dog and/or rehab experience. If you have this level of experience, it’s possible that Raider could make you look good in the competition obedience ring, too!  We’re pretty sure this guy’s opinion of cats falls somewhere between his opinion of snacks and his opinion of having his toenails done, but we’ll repost here with a formal apology to Raider if we have rushed to judgement. We think Raider would thrive as an only dog or in a tightly managed crate-and-rotate situation in the aforementioned experienced/professional home. We cannot recommend him for a household with kids due to his potential for resource guarding.

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