DRU Endowment

Please Help Secure the Future for DRU and All The Dobermans in Our Care

The DRU shelter has been the refuge and sanctuary for thousands of Dobermans since it was built over 20 years ago. Young and old, sick and well, none are turned away. We have taken in Dobermans in need from our primary service area of New England and New York/New Jersey, and also from many other areas of the United States; we’ve even taken in Dobes from places like Egypt, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. We will care for any Doberman in need that can get to us and we will care for them until their new adoptive families can be found.

Ensuring that DRU’s mission continues costs money. Fifteen years ago an endowment fund was established to “Secure the Future” for the Dobermans we rescue, care for, and ultimately adopt out. Many members contributed cash and securities to get the fund started. However, with the onset of Covid our major fundraising events had to be cancelled – no Open House, no Reunion Picnic – and additionally, the pain of the Covid pandemic also resulted in lower annual donations.

We still had to spend the money to see to all the Dobes in our care. This meant that we were forced to dip deeper into the endowment to fund ongoing operations. With the vaccines now available and the decline in cases, we are hoping that all will soon return to normal. However, we need to build up the endowment again. Therefore, we are beginning a major fundraising effort, and we ask for support from our membership and all lovers of this very special breed.

We can also accept securities. Note that donating appreciated securities allows you to take a tax donation equal to the market value at the time of donation, regardless of the original cost. We also ask that you consider including DRU in your estate planning. Questions can be directed to our Executive Director, Michelle Cooper at mcooper@dru.org

The DRU Board, the Executive Director, the staff and volunteers, and especially all of the shelter Dobes THANK YOU for your support!!!

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