• Black and rust
  • Natural
  • Docked


Howard is one of our newer residents and has a rapidly growing fan club among the kennel staff. He was surrendered by a very heartbroken family who simply could no longer tolerate his deteriorating behavior around their new baby. Like so many dogs in this situation, Howard probably saw himself as “the baby” in the family and reacted to the arrival of the human child as a jealous older sibling. As his owners waited in vain for almost a year to see if Howard could become more settled with the new arrival, he instead became more difficult to live with, marking the baby’s belongings, becoming defensive about furniture and stepping up his territorial behavior around the house. The decision to rehome him through DRU was not made lightly by his people, who had originally taken him in to be a forever family member. His early days with us found him confused and slow to trust but as he has settled in we have seen the affectionate side of him start to emerge. Once he warms up to a new human friend, he is very enthusiastic about everything he does. A proffered piece of hot dog will inspire lightning-fast obedience and eye contact that is growing softer and more trusting by the day. He’ll still check your ID when he first meets you, but he’s starting to be a little more lenient about letting new people in to Club Howard. In the kennel, Howard can be most often be found snuggled up in his favorite comforter but will pop right up if there’s a chance to hang out with his favorite humans. Howard is a work in progress, with typical issues such as resource guarding and on-leash reactivity to other dogs, so he is currently working with training staff and is not actively seeking his forever home just yet. What we have learned so far is that he’d do best with a quiet “homebody” lifestyle and a fenced yard. We cannot recommend him for a home with kids, cats or other dogs. Please keep checking back to see how Howard is progressing!

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