• Male
  • Blue and Rust
  • Cropped Flop
  • Docked

KING is a big blue boy with cropped ears that flop and a docked tail that wags a lot when he sees his favorite people. King’s blue coat is in fairly good condition although he does have a couple of lumps and bald spots, most likely pressure sores that will hopefully improve once he’s in a comfortable castle of his own. Transferred from a shelter in New Jersey, King was originally turned in to them by an owner who reported that he was fighting with another dog in the house. Although we have no other details from his original home, the NJ shelter confirmed that King’s intolerance of other dogs was real. They sent him to DRU in order to help him find Dobe-savvy owners through our program. King is a very big, rough and tumble guy. Sometimes it seems as though he’d picked up some of the traits of the bully breeds who were his most common kennelmates at the other shelter: he is very happy to carry his toys around, he loves his people enthusiastically and then there’s that “not cool with other dogs” thing. Perhaps he has taken his name too literally all this time and feels the need to go forth and conquer? We think King would thrive in a home where his owners would respect his opinions without allowing him to express them. In other words, King needs to be an only dog in an adults-only home and owned by people who are willing to continue training him and teaching him to keep those opinions to himself. As is the case with the majority of adult male Dobermans, King is not a daycare/dog park/puppy party guy. He needs and deserves an owner who will provide him with both the structure of training and the fun of a work/play relationship and who doesn’t need other dogs to provide entertainment for King. Like most kings, our King could use a governing body to keep him from indulging his excesses. If you think you could be a leader strong enough to govern a King, then there may be a “happily ever after” in this guy’s future.

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