Ujani – I’m a SSNAP Dog in Need of a Foster Family




10 years old


  • Male
  • Red and Rust
  • Cropped
  • Docked

Ujani is a beautiful red, cropped and docked senior male Doberman in need of a loving home or foster family. Ujani first came to DRU in 2016 as the result of a divorce. He was adopted out within a few months due to his good looks and charming personality. Sadly, in December of 2020 his adoptive owner suddenly passed away. The police department found Ujani, loyal to the end, still by his owner’s side. Luckily, they noticed his DRU tag and gave us a call. Ujani once again found himself at DRU, now ten years old and in once again in search of his forever home. This lovely old fellow still has a sparkle in his eye and a pep in his step but he definitely appreciates snuggling up on his big comfy dog bed. Ujani has some hind end weakness and isn’t so stable on his feet as he once was but he still enjoys quiet strolls with his favorite humans as long as they help him by using his harness. An autoimmune disorder has resulted in a few other issues but they are easily cared for with medications and some extra TLC. Ujani is hypothyroid like many Dobermans, and requires medication to regulate his thyroid levels. Ironically, this dog with such a sad recent history has “dry eye”: a condition that prevents him from producing his own tears. For this he requires daily eye drops, but he is the most excellent patient anyone could ask for, as if he understands that this procedure is to help him. Ujani also has a rare disorder that effects the growth of his toenails, resulting in nails that are often split and painful with the quick exposed. We have had good luck with daily soaks and some funny socks to keep him from licking at them. Ujani would do best in a home without other dogs due to his age and instability on his feet. While we don’t have a history of him ever being with cats it is something we can test out for the right placement. After the loss of his beloved owner, Ujani deserves to have a true home of his own again. If this sweet senior guy sounds like he would fit in to your lifestyle please contact our adoptions coordinators at adoptions@dru.org 

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