8.5 years old


  • Blue and Rust
  • Natural ears
  • Docked tail


Steele is an 8½ year old blue and rust male with natural ears and a docked tail. His last owner was unavailable so we have no real background information about his life before DRU. This beautiful boy is extremely smart, friendly and playful, but his dog reactivity and intolerance of cats has made it hard for him to find a good home. We were heartbroken when Steele was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma, as he is beloved by the entire staff and it is extremely difficult to accept that he may never get a chance to enjoy his final days in a home of his own. In spite of his illness, he still has very good days and has even taken some field trips to get ice cream or run on the beach thanks to one of his favorite caregivers. Steele should ideally be in a home without children or other pets so that his remaining time can be peaceful and without conflict. Steele is also available as a foster dog.

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