4 years old


  • Blue and Rust
  • Natural
  • Docked


New arrival Skylar Blue came to us from a loving home where she’d lived for most of her adult life with her humans and two other middle aged Dobes. Affectionate and demanding with her people, Skylar would still show signs of possessive or territorial behavior whenever she’d get ahold of any sort of “contraband”: socks and paper towels seemed to be her particular fetish. Somehow she managed to make it without any obstruction surgeries but her behavior began to stress out her older Dobe housemate to the point where he was losing significant weight and no longer acting like himself. When it became obvious that the older dog was getting less and less tolerant of Skylar’s antics, their family made the difficult but understandable decision to rehome her through DRU.
Skylar took a little while to warm up to her new situation and caregivers, as is typical of most Dobermans. But once she figured out that we were the people who fed her and got her out for fresh air and play time she began to loosen up. We are seeing the sweet, attention-seeking behavior that her family loved and once she has gotten even more comfortable with us we will start looking at her behavior issues through our DRU University training program. Until we have explored her less attractive behaviors and discovered the best ways to address them, Skylar is on temporary hold for adoption but we have high hopes that she will adapt and learn through our work with her. In the meantime, keep checking back to see how this pretty girl is learning that “pretty is as pretty does”.
Skylar lived successfully with teenagers and the female dog in the household. We’ll know more about her suitability as a packmate over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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