Sambuca “Sam” – I’m a SSNAP Dog


Sambuca “Sam”


9 years old


  • Blue and Rust
  • Natural Ears
  • Natural Tail



All-natural blue girl Sambuca (“Sam” to her friends) was originally adopted from DRU about six years ago. A number of hardships forced her adopter to make the sad but correct decision to return Sam to us rather than force her to live a life that would be compromised and not of the quality she’d experienced up until recently. On paper, Sam is approximately nine years old, but in reality this girl acts like a youngster in the prime of her life. She has a fairly thick coat for a blue Doberman, and her constantly wagging tail adds to her youthful appearance. The good news is that Sam is crate trained and has a fair understanding of basic obedience training. She was good-natured (if very pushy) with kids who visited her prior owner and was popular with the older ones for her enthusiasm about playing fetch. The less-than-good news is that Sam’s bigger-than-life personality translates into some pretty impressive reactivity toward other dogs. Her owner did quite a bit of work with her on this and saw improvement but her living situation prevented her from pursuing it as successfully as she’d hoped. Sam will definitely voice her opinion about passing dogs and people but will also respond to direction and correction from an equally determined human. We cannot recommend her as a housemate for another dog, but we think Sam’s next owner will find that this exuberant girl is more than enough dog all by herself! Sam is in good health for an older Dobe and would love to find a family who’ll keep her busy, healthy and well-behaved.

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