5 years old


  • Female
  • Black and Rust
  • Natural
  • Docked

SALEM is a five year old black and rust girl with natural ears and a docked tail. Originally an owner turn-in to a rescue based in Texas, Salem ended up on a transport to a shelter in New York state and was quickly adopted by a family in a neighboring state. Too much freedom in her new home too soon after such a long journey led to predictable results: Salem made her own rules about who could interact with her and her adopters reluctantly returned her to the agency. This is when DRU was contacted and it was decided that we could help this well-traveled Dobergirl. Salem took a little while to warm up to her friends here at DRU but now recognizes us as the people who bring her out to the yards for exercise and fun, and has started to bond with her trainer as she learns the important self-control and obedience skills that will help her thrive. The NY facility reports that Salem was somewhat playful with other dogs but had a low threshold for obnoxious behavior which makes us cautious about recommending her for a home with a canine friend, although we can be open to the possibility. Although her brief adoption involved a household with children we would advise that if kids are in the picture this time they should only be the older, dog savvy variety. According to the other shelter, Salem is crate trained and loves to ride in the car. Salem is a classic sassy middle aged female Dobe who seems used to getting her way and who acts like she needs to speak with your manager if you aren’t quick enough with her treats. She needs a human who’ll be strict enough to insist on respectful behavior but who also can appreciate Salem’s pushy sense of humor without overindulging it.

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