2 years old


  • Male
  • Red and Rust
  • Cropped
  • Docked

Ryker is a handsome young red Dobe with a rakish crop-and-half-flop and an award-winning smile who would love to find a very active, Dobe-savvy home of his own. Like so many of the young dogs we encounter, Ryker was originally acquired by well-meaning people who quickly found themselves overwhelmed by the energy level and demands of a young working dog. A relative then took Ryker on and gave him a rich and action-packed life that included hiking, swimming, road trips and endless games of fetch. However, Ryker never did learn to get along with her other dogs and the stress and risk of constantly having to crate and rotate became untenable for both human and canines. His last owner reluctantly decided to seek help in placing Ryker and he eventually found his way to DRU.
His first days with us were tough on both him and the kennel staff: he simply didn’t know how to act in this strange new environment where he was surrounded by so many dogs and people, so he defaulted to very loud and impressive displays that switched from “GO AWAY” to “PAY ATTENTION” to “GO AWAY” again. However, once he realized that these new humans were the ones who could let him out to stretch his legs in the yard, he started to become much more welcoming, if still really loud, when we approach. Fast-tracked into DRU University, Ryker has revealed himself to be a super eager and engaged student, well on his way to becoming Teacher’s Pet due to his endearing personality and his flashy interpretation of obedience skills. Charisma aside, Ryker is still a lot of dog and his past history with others of his own kind means that we’d really prefer to see him go to a single dog home, although it’s possible he could do ok with a wise and balanced female dog friend and a smart owner. Ryker’s prey drive means that we are not going to recommend him to a home with cats at this point, although we will eventually expose him to our test cat just to gauge how reactive he might be. We will also be conservatively exposing him to dogs while he stays with us, so keep checking back. His last owner reported that he can have moments of shyness when meeting new people, and a failed foster attempt (through another rescue prior to DRU) was a good reminder that Ryker deserves to be treated as an adult working dog: familiarity is something earned, not freely given in the first moments of contact. His prior owner’s excellent regimen of physical and mental exercise has primed Ryker’s canvas for his next human “senior partner” to pursue dog sports or even just an athletic, Dober-inclusive lifestyle. Ryker is some future handler’s dream dog: all-in and capable of learning and doing whatever is put in front of him, and also willing to settle quietly at his person’s feet after a training session (but if you’re not careful he will try to convince you that he is some sort of giant lap dog!). This guy is in the prime of his life and we would love to see him spend it with a handler who will appreciate all that he has to offer.

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