5 years old


  • Blue and rust
  • Natural
  • Docked


Dobe-of-many-colors Poppy had a rough time of it right before she found her way to DRU. Her original owners found themselves overwhelmed by life and literally cut her loose in the parking lot of a New Hampshire campground, apparently hoping someone would scoop her up and save her. Luckily for Poppy, that’s exactly what happened: a Good Samaritan took her in and kept her in their home for several months, where Poppy lived with her rescuer and a young child. However, a permanent placement with this person simply wasn’t in the cards, and they made arrangements to get Poppy to DRU. Poppy got accustomed to DRU life and we learned more about her as time passed:  while she is definitely affectionate with her humans, she also can be very opinionated and needs to have a firm “senior partner” on the other end of the leash who knows when to insist on things and when to give some leeway. Poppy will sometimes have an “excitement pee” when things get too intense for her, whether it’s praise that’s too over-the-top or a handler who greets her with too much emotion. We have put Poppy in the yard with suitable males and she holds her own, keeping them from getting too forward but she will also engage in play if her dog friend is appropriate. She is also our go-to for fenceline socializing. All of this means that she may possibly live well with another well-mannered dog but that the humans in the house have to remember that they are ultimately in charge, not Miss Poppy. Poppy’s blue coat is typically sparse and you can actually see the mottling and “polka dots” on her actual skin, giving her the appearance of being “speckled”. Diet and medicated baths will help her skin and coat stay their healthiest but she will still need to wear a coat on really cold days. Poppy also has a couple of chronic medical issues, primarily issues with her kidneys. We are addressing that through diet and medication here at DRU, a commitment Poppy’s permanent home will need to continue. Poppy’s brief time living with a child means that we may consider placement in a Dobe-savvy home that has older kids. She has been appropriately playful with our test cat, so cats are definitely negotiable too. Sweet, smart, sassy Poppy could really use a break and a loving home of her own.

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