3 years old


  • Black and Rust
  • Natural ears
  • Docked tail


Ozzie is a 3 year old, black and rust, natural and docked male who was too protective for the busy horse barn where he lived. And while Ozzie may never get his picture on the “Pet of the Week” wall of fame, once he trusts, he craves the attention, affection and time spent with his person. Ozzie’s passion is running, running, running! He’ll chase a tennis ball ’til the cows come home. Ozzie’s obedience is good, however he needs management with reactiveness towards moving cars, perceived menacing strangers, potential stealers of his food and dogs that surely mean him harm. He needs structure and responds best to kindness and nurturing. Ozzie Pawsbourne, Prince of Darkness, is not a starter model but will be a super affectionate dog for someone, perhaps a homebody with a fenced yard. It’s no surprise Ozzie doesn’t like cats, but if correctly introduced to the right female dog, romance could bloom!

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