Nino – I’m a SSNAP Dog




9 years old


To sponsor Nino’s care donations can be made through  SSNAP Dog


At nine years old and with a number of medical complications, Nino is still a bright and engaging Dobe whose body just can’t quite keep up with his mind as well as it used to. Unfortunately, he is a poster boy for typical Doberman health issues. He has been diagnosed with liver disease and hypothyroidism, both of which are managed with medication, and his hind end weakness indicates that he may have Wobblers as well. Sadly, Nino was recently diagnosed with malignant spindle cell cancer but he is still doing well with the care given him by the shelter staff.

This handsome boy enjoys going for walks, playing in the yard with his person and he loves car rides. He is not fond of having his feet touched and, like many of his breed, Nino is suspicious of strangers and takes time to warm up to and trust people. Once that trust has been built and he has formed a bond, Nino is a wonderful companion. At some point, he learned great obedience skills and will happily show off for his trusted friends. Nino loves to suckle on blankets and carry stuffies in his mouth but, since he has a tendency to shred his bedding and toys, these should be off limits to him. Not even a kong is safe for Nino. However, the wishbone by Benebone (large or extra large) has proven to be the pacifier Nino craves.

Nino requires an experienced Doberman person who will provide him with structure and boundaries, as well as care and empathy for his specific needs. We would love to see Nino live out his days in a peaceful home of his own, either through adoption or our foster dog program.

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