Myles – I’m a SSNAP Dog




3-4 years old

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  • Black and rust
  • Natural ears
  • Docked tail
  • SSNAP Dog


MYLES, an approximately 3-4 year old natural and docked black and rust boy, was picked up as a stray running around in Vermont and brought to DRU for placement. When he arrived, Myles had a few eccentric habits that put him on the fast track for DRU University training. These included an obsession with grabbing on to his leash with his teeth, and constantly looking up at the sky, sometimes even panicking and trying to find “cover” when in an open space. We’ve spent a lot of time speculating about the origins of this behavior: maybe a hawk or owl strike? Lightning? Flying saucers? We’ll never know for sure, and since Myles isn’t telling we promised that we would spend our time looking forward rather than backward. This approach has worked out well, as these days the only thing Myles seems to look up for is the raindrops (he likes to chase and catch them), and his leash-grabbing has diminished to the point where he can be interrupted from it with a verbal command.
Myles responded beautifully to training, and as his less fortunate habits fell away we got to meet the funny, eccentric and affectionate fellow he really is. But Myles is still an adult male Doberman and deserves to be respected as such by his next owner. He was adopted once and returned to DRU.  He came back to us injured, using only three legs and keeping one elevated. A veterinary neurologist examined Myles and suspects that he has Dancing Doberman Disease, a progressive condition which is very hard to diagnose and which has no actual cure. Myles doesn’t let it stop him from motoring around the yard and participating in training with his favorite humans, but we still make sure not to overdo it with him.
Between his obnoxious play style and his potential for injuring his affected leg, this guy should not be placed with another dog, nor should he live with cats. Myles really deserves his own person: one who will not express their love for him with pity and lack of rules but who will respect him for the complex and intelligent fellow he is and who will love him with the boundaries and clarity he deserves. Could that person be you?

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