3-4 years old


  • Black and rust
  • Natural ears
  • Docked tail

Placed with DRU


Myles, an approximately 3-4 year old natural and docked black and rust Dobe, was picked up as a stray running around in Vermont and brought to DRU for placement. When he arrived, Myles had a few habits that put him on the fast track for DRU University training. This included an obsession with grabbing on to his leash with his teeth. Myles responded beautifully to training. Now, his leash-grabbing has diminished to the point where he can be interrupted from it with a verbal command and, as his less desirable habits disappeared, we got to meet the funny, eccentric and affectionate fellow he really is. However, and very important to note, Myles is still an adult male Doberman and deserves to be respected as such and provided with structure and boundaries in order to make good decisions. He was adopted once and subsequently returned when he took the role of “protector” of his human too seriously, deciding it was his responsibility to correct his human.

Upon his return, we noted Myles had a limp and some difficulty lifting his leg. After initial veterinary attention, we did not see any improvement so we followed up with a veterinary neurologist who suspects that Myles has Dancing Doberman Disease, a progressive condition which is very hard to diagnose and which has no actual cure. Myles doesn’t let this stop him from playing in the yard with his person and his favorite jolly ball. He enjoys chasing and catching raindrops in his mouth. He does not like playing alone and will just sit in the yard until a friend comes along to join him in some fun. And we are always watchful to make sure he does not over do it.

Myles is truly a staff favorite and he may think of DRU as his home but he should have a home of his own. We prefer to see him be an only dog and a cat-free home is best. He also needs his very own person; someone who will set boundaries and rules and provide the clarity he deserves. Someone who will love and respect Myles for the complex and intelligent Dobe he is. Could that someone be you?

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