• Red and rust
  • Cropped
  • Docked


5 years old


Like many male Dobermans, Charlie did not get along with a family member’s dog in his prior home and so found himself at DRU, where his reactive behavior around others made him a good candidate for the DRU University training program. Popular with his human friends at the shelter for his tendency to greet everyone with a giant blanket in his mouth and a furiously wagging stub, Charlie has also responded well to obedience training. However, Charlie is a typical Dobe who will exhibit an initial suspicion of strangers and has shown fierce loyalty to his primary handler at the shelter, making him a good candidate for a single owner who will take the necessary time to get to know him and who will respect Charlie’s boundaries while still helping adapt to “civilian life”. Right now, Charlie’s happiest times are spent in office manager Debbie’s “Charlie Car”, where he can relax and escape the stresses of the kennel. His new owner should be ready to provide Charlie with a similar safe space at home where he can have quiet time. ┬áHe would NOT enjoy a busy household with a lot of moving parts and a revolving cast of characters, rather, he’d do best with a small family unit of one responsible adult who doesn’t need him to be a goodwill ambassador. In the past Charlie has shown an indifference to cats but he is due for a cat-safety re-check, so please check back for updates on that status. Due to his pronounced reactivity we cannot recommend him for a home with other dogs or with kids. If Charlie could pick his future lifestyle, we think he would like to be a homebody who gets to go on occasional errands with his person. A secure fenced in yard for sunshine and exercise, clear boundaries and expectations and a patient human leader would go a long way to help Charlie become the best dog he can be.

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