4 years old


  • Male
  • Black/Rust
  • Cropped-and-flopped ears
  • Docked tail

Placed with DRU



Michael arrived at DRU’s door in the back of an Animal Control vehicle along with his brother Lucas. Victims of a neglect case, the two boys went from being brothers-in-arms to brothers-at-each-others’ throats within a couple of weeks of arriving. Like most neglect cases, Michael and Lucas had never been abused, but the behavioral neglect that found two littermate male Dobermans sharing the same apartment meant that we inherited the equivalent of two teenage boys raised by wolves. Our first task was to separate the two warring brothers and take a look at them as individuals. Michael was the more challenging, a super-intelligent and powerful young male who would create hobbies for himself involving dismantling his kennel run, obsessing over any sort of cleaning tool (squeegees, pooper scoopers) and doing a pit-bull-style full body hang off of the eaves of the building while out in the exercise yard. At first it looked like Michael’s mercury-mind and lack of familiarity with human leadership were going to put him on the list of high risk dogs. But through patience, firmness and consistency we were able to “crack the code” with Michael and find a brilliant, engaging dog who just needed to know what our expectations were and how to meet them. Michael needs a very Dobe-savvy handler who will enjoy his intelligence but always stay smarter than him. He has met many new humans and been openly social after a brief acquaintanceship. He will gladly take direction from a confident handler but is not above testing you when he feels the urge. He has proven to be a sane and fun-loving playmate for some female dogs but should not live with cats or other small critters. His lack of history means that we can’t place him in a home with small children as residents or frequent visitors. Michael continues to impress us with his willingness to “let us in”.

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