7 years old


  • Red and rust
  • Cropped
  • Docked


Tall and handsome Mayweather (known as “Maybe” to his friends at DRU) arrived at DRU after taking his job as family protector too seriously and “protecting” the small children in his household from their own mother paying attention to them. When these incidents didn’t stop, his family made the difficult decision to place him with us. Along with the kids, Mayweather also lived successfully with another intact male Dobe one year older than him: an arrangement we can’t recommend for a new home but which speaks volumes about his ability to be agreeable. Mayweather was understandably very shell-shocked by his change in fortune and took awhile to warm up to his caregivers: for awhile his poker face caused us to wonder what he thought about us and his situation. However, he has since started to ease into DRU life and has bonded closely with at least one of his new human friends, showing an affectionate and even overly needy side. He’s had quite a short-term evolution, going from poker-faced strong, silent type to Mister Demandy-Pants, but we expect that he will return to his hard-to-get persona when he first meets new humans. A certain level of aloofness is normal for Dobermans, something to keep in mind when you meet a new one: you may have been following him for months on the website, but you are a total stranger to him! (We had to take away the DRU dogs’ internet access, they were going crazy on Although typically reactive on leash to other dogs, Mayweather responds well to direction from a confident handler and has shown a downright flirtatious side when running the fenceline with a female Dobe, so an adopter who already has a mannerly female dog could possibly be a good fit for him. He’s more interested in his handler than his toys when out in the yard and sometimes seems to gallop just for the joy of it. “Maybe” also has started to love his obedience training and really tries to get things right. His initial vet workup showed an underperforming thyroid and has just started on the medication for that. We are hoping to see an improvement in his coat and in his overall health once it kicks in. Meanwhile, we are enjoying watching Mayweather get comfortable showing us who he is now that he is out of the shadow of his older Dobe brother. His history with kids means that we might consider placement in a home whose kids have Doberman-savvy parents capable of being strong leaders and who won’t let this guy get confused about who the decision makers are in the family. As of this writing, a home with cats isn’t advisable. Can you provide firm but kind leadership? Can you be confident enough that your dog doesn’t have to be confident for you? If you can say “yes”, then we can say “Maybe”!

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