4 years old


  • Black and Rust
  • Natural
  • Docked


Kibear is a big black and rust Dober-boy with natural ears and a docked tail. This handsome 4 year old was surrendered to DRU by owners whose declining health was preventing them from giving him the level of exercise and active attention he thrives on. An old injury to a hind leg makes it tough for Kibear to sit comfortably but it never slows him down when he goes for walks or plays in the yard with his human friends. Kibear lived successfully with a female dog and a cat in his last home, and was described as very playful if maybe a little bit overzealous. He also lived with and visited with kids ranging from toddlers to teenagers and was reportedly very good with them, although his prior owners note a warning about Kibear’s tendency to “step on toes”. Take it from the grownups here at the shelter: you’ll know it if Kibear steps on your foot, so that warning is accurate! Kibear would love to go to a home where he can run and go for walks with his own humans. Training with us has been helping him learn to apply his brakes and mind his manners even when he’s excited, and he’s proven to be a fun hangout buddy for the shelter staff when they’re doing daily chores. We’ll take a fresh look at Kibear’s behavior around our test cat and on the fenceline with some appropriate dogs, so please keep checking back for updates here.

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