5 years old


  • Male
  • Black and Rust
  • Natural
  • Docked



Jonny is an energetic black-and-rust fellow with natural ears and a frequently-wagging nub who was found wandering with his friend (and possibly sister) Junie in a Connecticut city. The ACO estimated him to be about 5 years old, but Jonny has the energy of a youngster! He seems to really enjoy all of his time with his human pals here at the shelter and has started to participate in our In House Obedience Classes with his Well-Being Person. Although typically “punky” towards a couple of his male classmates when in a small area, he is mostly neutral when out of walks with some of his kennelmates; a good sign that he isn’t officially looking for trouble. Jonny is definitely one of those “diamonds in the ruff”: he may not know a whole lot about being a mannerly housedog yet but he is definitely figuring out that he likes hanging out with people. This boy has a very sincere expression and responds joyfully when he knows he’s being praised for something. Still thin from his time on the streets, Jonny has a “starvation mentality” and if he suspects that even a molecule of food has escaped him, he will single-mindedly focus on finding it, regardless of how impossible it is to get. We’ll keep normalizing behavior around food as much as we can, but perhaps this trait will catch the eye of a potential tracking or nosework enthusiast who’s reading this! In addition to taking advantage of Jonny’s natural food drive and high energy, his new owner will need to be patient and firm and ready to set up boundaries as they introduce Jonny to the concept of pethood. In return you’ll get the love and trust of a Dobe whose hard luck hasn’t made him a hard dog. Because of Jonny’s mystery background, we can’t recommend him for a home with kids, nor can we place him in a home with another male. However, we think his time spent with Junie on their adventures may make him a good candidate for a suitable female packmate, something that we will try to confirm in the next couple of weeks with other female dogs here. Like Junie, Jonny has a very low clotting factor due to his status as a von Willebrand’s Affected Doberman, and while we haven’t seen any immediate issues, we always want our adopters to be informed when it comes to any of the health challenges that unfortunately can affect our beloved breed. Looking for a “fast friend”? Heeeeeeere’s Jonny!

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