• Red/rust
  • Cropped ears
  • Docked tail

Placed with DRU



This sweet senior gent wants nothing more than to spend all his time with his person, playing with his toys or coaxing his person to give him a pat on the head or engage in playtime. He almost purrs with joy. Hugger is definitely not a fan of being in the yard alone and will let you and everyone within earshot know that humans and dogs were meant to be together even at potty break. Hugger is not shy about vocalizing and loves to serenade you with his howling ritual. Diagnosed with a heart condition, Hugger has been responding well to his medications. Like most animals, Hugger lives life to the fullest and doesn’t let physical limitations get in his way. He might be a big red senior boy but he is confident enough to occasionally sport a pink dress, fondly called the Huggerella dress. Just goes to show, even seniors know how to have a good time.

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