Gracie – I’ve Been Adopted




2 years old


  • Blue and rust
  • Natural
  • Docked


Gracie is a petite young blue girl who was reluctantly surrendered to DRU by the family who had originally adopted her from a rescue in Texas over the summer. While Gracie was an excellent companion to them on almost every level, her behavior around the younger of the two children she lived with prompted concern from their parents. The younger child’s own nervous demeanor around her put Gracie on edge and the rest of the family was rightfully worried that the dynamic between the two would lead to an incident that would be negative for both. In her short time with her last family, Gracie had an excellent life and proved herself to be a fun jogging partner, an accomplished couch potato and a trustworthy playmate for the older child (7 years) she lived with. While she doesn’t exactly know a lot of obedience, we are currently working on that by fast-tracking her in the DRU U Training Program, where she is making steady progress. Like many of her breed, Gracie can take a minute to warm up to new people but is then affectionate and very playful. She particularly likes playing ball and will bring it back to her handler for a game of fetch but is also pretty handy at “throwing” it for herself and batting it with her forepaws like a cat. Speaking of cats, Gracie has had a couple of very positive meetings with our test cat, the only rumble happening when they disagreed over ownership of a cat toy. In her last home, Gracie also loved around free-range chickens which aroused her curiosity but there was no chasing or predatory behavior. Behind her kennel gate, Gracie is all sound and fury at other dogs passing by, but we have discovered that she is actually very playful and flirty when allowed to spend time with a polite Doberboy companion. She runs like a greyhound, so “chase” is her game of choice with other dogs. We will keep letting her meet suitable playmates to see how she tolerates different styles of interaction but so far we think that she could live successfully with another canine friend. Her experience with children means that we will consider a home with older kids who are confident around dogs. Gracie is a whole lot of fun in a cute little package and would love to have a forever home of her own.

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