Farrah – I’ve Been Adopted


Farrah – Adoption Pending


7 years old


  • Fawn and rust
  • Cropped
  • Docked


Farrah came to us from another rescue, where she had been staying after being picked up as a stray. With her petite size, her unique fawn coat and her adorable “smile”, Farrah became an instant favorite here at DRU, where she quickly gained the reputation and even the nickname of “princess”. However, like a human princess, Farrah sometimes seems to have a rather high opinion of herself and the way she should be treated by her “subjects”: a trait that found her returned to us when she did the Doberman equivalent of “Do you know who I am?” to an adopter’s relative. Small but mighty, Farrah also had a successful history of controlling her humans on walks, whether it was dragging them places they didn’t want to go, or slamming on the brakes and refusing to move forward (perhaps waiting for her footmen to come carry her?). Since coming back to DRU, Farrah has been training regularly with us and we have seen her make great improvements in her ability to relate to her caregivers in an appropriate way that still leaves her feeling happy and important. Farrah should be adopted by someone who understands that even royalty needs to have responsibilities, and who can indulge her without spoiling her. Farrah is on medication for hypothyroidism and her pretty fawn coloring comes with the need for a special diet and regular medicated baths to keep her skin healthy. She also will need to wear a coat in the colder months but she seems to enjoy “dressing up”, as princesses do. Although Farrah would prefer to be an only dog, she has been very appropriate with cats; perhaps she relates to their sense of superiority or maybe it’s their shared love of naps! We would love to see Farrah in a castle of her own with a devoted human family: that’s the fairytale ending she deserves.

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