• Black/tan


Dino is a sweet 4 yr old boy who can be a little insecure. He has been with us for a while now and we are still looking for a home that he can fit into. Dino was bought from a breeder and sounds like he was a bratty puppy, because he was returned at 6 months at which point he was re-sold. When he came to us he had an embedded collar and was very sensitive/reactive about his neck and head area being touched. In his second home he bit twice, once when a scab was being picked off his neck and the other was a reaction to a trying to remove a tick off his ear. Not making excuses just disclosing what we know. Both were finger bites. Dino needs an experienced doberman owner who can find a balance between creating some rules and understanding his sensitive nature. He has had a rocky 1st few years and it would be so nice to get him some stability, because there is a good dog in there for someone who has the ability and desire to work with him. He does walk nicely on a leash and has good obedience. No kids and probably would do best as the only dog in the house. He did good when introduced to the cats here but no guarantees.

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