Dax – I’m A SSNAP Dog!






  • Male
  • Black and Rust
  • Natural
  • Docked

DAX, age six and a half, is a black and rust boy with natural ears and a docked tail who was taken in by a friend of his original family when their living situation changed. Although she tried to give Dax a loving home, his second owner realized that her very busy neighborhood was too much for Dax to deal with since he had spent his first six years in a much quieter setting. Surrounded by close neighbors with dogs and lots of passing foot traffic, Dax was in a constant state of high alert and his stress levels were becoming unmanageable for his owner. When Dax started to pick on her cat as well, she reluctantly sought DRU’s help in finding a more appropriate placement for him. Dax is very affectionate with his humans and has reportedly been good with older kids and also female dogs. We are still getting to know Dax as he settles in with us. With training and gradual exposure we think he will do fine in most homes that provide him with structure and a quiet spot of his own to retreat to if things are too exciting. Dax is on medication to control a cardiac arrythmia and his new adopters will need to plan on regular heart health checkups to keep him healthy and strong.

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