Cody – I’m a SSNAP Dog in Foster






  • Black and Rust
  • Natural Ears
  • Natural Tail
  • SSNAP Dog

Cody has been placed in a Foster home and is receiving the love, care and medical attention that he requires.

To sponsor Cody’s care donations can be made through  SSNAP Dog


Cody, a senior mostly blind and emaciated boy, had been taken to his veterinarian to be euthanized.  He was at least 30 pounds underweight, his blood sugar was crazy high, he was Lyme positive, and he’d been without insulin for so long his body was showing signs of shutting down.  He was a very sick boy and the odds of him surviving were slim.  But Cody had his first miracle that day, because the vet and the technicians fell in love with his sweet personality.  They couldn’t find it in their hearts to end his life without trying a find him a second chance.  Cody has found his new beginning at DRU and has been placed in a foster home.  Today, Cody has gained back 30 pounds, his blood glucose is close to being regulated, and he receives ongoing medical attention as a SSNAP Dog.

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