5 years old


  • Black and Rust
  • Cropped
  • Docked


COBRETT is a lovely five year old female who was very reluctantly surrendered to DRU along with her parents (Cobra and Cleo) by the family who raised her. We were initially concerned about how Cobrett might deal with being separated from her birth parents here at the shelter since she literally spent her entire life with them, but she didn’t miss a beat and seemed downright thrilled to get all of the attention to herself! Feisty, playful Cobrett loves to spend time with her human friends here whether it’s learning new things in training, going for walks through the neighborhood or running in the big yard. Cobrett has a deformation of her right foreleg that resulted from a puppyhood injury: her diligent owners did all they could with therapeutic care and eventually surgery but Cobrett’s leg will always look the way it does: shorter than the others and with a “club”-like paw. However, if you think this slows Cobrett down you would be very mistaken. Like any resilient creature, Cobrett has adapted to her differences and moves around with ease, even using her odd appendage as a powerful tool handy for flipping over a food dish or whacking an insufficiently attentive person so that they continue petting her. You haven’t been pawed for attention until Cobrett smacks you! Cobrett bets you a cheeseburger that she can outrun your neighborhood’s resident overweight Labrador, too. This is one smart, sassy and tough Dobergal who would be insulted if she thought we felt sorry for her. Cobrett has been doing very well with her obedience and will enthusiastically work for praise as well as treats. Although her prey drive for the local fauna guarantees her a spot on the podium at the Crittering Olympics, she was surprisingly gentle with our test cat in their first meeting, so a kitty friend might be negotiable. Cobrett’s main experience with other dogs has been with her parents but she has shown neutral to social behavior on the fenceline with some of our other residents. A play date is in order soon to get a better idea of how Cobrett thinks of dogs outside of her family. She also lived with children, although we would have to judge her suitability in a home with kids on a case-by-case basis. Cobrett is a very special girl who deserves a chance to shine in a home of her very own.

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