Chief – I’m A SSNAP Dog!




  • Male
  • Black and Rust
  • Cropped
  • Docked


Est. 01/01/2016

Meet Chief! Chief is a 7-yr-old cropped/docked male who made his way to DRU from a shelter in Tennessee.

At the time Chief was surrendered to the TN Shelter, he began to experience an abnormal gait and was unsteady on his feet. It was suspected that he had Wobblers and if it couldn’t get any worse, Chief was diagnosed with heartworm disease. DRU was contacted for assistance with Chief and we agreed to help with the medical costs associated with the Wobblers diagnosis, surgery and the heartworm treatment needed to get Chief well enough and medically cleared to travel to New Hampshire. It took 6 months but Chief made it to DRU and now enjoys his walks with the Staff.

Although Chief has Wobblers Syndrome, Chief is a fun-loving boy, friendly and full of character. Chief loves to play fetch!

Chief would do best in a home familiar with caring for a dog with Wobblers Syndrome.

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