1 year old


  • Black and rust
  • Cropped
  • Docked


Cabo is going to require an experienced and patient home to help him learn what it means to be a companion dog. Originally intended to be a stud dog by his first owner, Cabo lived in a fairly isolated fashion. Even though he had his own climate controlled kennel and outdoor space, he lacked the kind of sensible interaction and exposure that a Dobe pup requires for proper socialization. When he was sold to a kind family who wanted to provide those things for him, they found themselves over their heads trying to civilize Cabo, who simply wasn’t equipped to handle house-dog expectations such as being crated or having a bath in the tub. Although his inappropriate reaction to his “day of beauty” is what found him surrendered to DRU, the good news is that during that part of his young life Cabo lived successfully with three small children and another dog, who reportedly was unfriendly to him but whom Cabo wanted to play with. Cabo spent a couple of weeks with an experienced Dobe foster owner who enjoyed his company and saw his potential. At DRU we have seen Cabo run the scales of his emotions: he goes from being excited and happy to see some of his handlers to being nervous and evasive with others. Initially on a leash, Cabo acted as though he’d never been expected to walk with a human before and was more interested in his environment than he was in his handler. We have seem moderate improvements in leash walking with the consistent training he’s been getting here at DRU. Bit by bit we are seeing Cabo loosen up and start to tell us who he is. We think he will have a lot to offer the right adopter once he learns that humans can actually be fun, interesting and capable of making good decisions for him. Stay tuned for more news as it happens on the Cabo front

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