6 years old


  • Red and rust
  • Natural
  • Docked


Red boy Anthony has been with DRU since 2018, surrendered by owners who found themselves unable to deal with the extreme allergies he had at the time. Many vet visits and treatments didn’t seem to help relieve Anthony’s severely infected ears and red itchy skin. We were able to get it under control after he was with us with and today he has a shiny copper colored coat and no itchy issues. His new owners will need to keep him on the medication that helped him so that he continues to have healthy skin. A past misadventure in which he ran off for the day and returned limping left Anthony’s back leg with muscle atrophy and nerve damage, but it doesn’t affect his mobility: he runs around and plays like any other dog, we would just suggest he doesn’t go out on long hikes or strenuous runs.
Anthony is very affectionate with his favorite humans but he can still have “opinions” about things, which means that his new person will need to be a confident leader who can teach Anthony to trust their judgement instead of relying on his own. Training comes naturally to this smart boy and he loves to work with his people; it’s definitely the fastest way to create a bond with him and get his stub wagging. Anthony has gotten along with a variety of both male and female dogs of various sizes and seems to especially enjoy playing with the little ones, a nice trait for a Dobe to have! However, he has the opposite opinion about cats, so a cat free home is a must. His last home included an older female human sibling but we can’t recommend a home with young kids simply because we don’t know his history with them. Anthony’s new family should be ready to provide a cozy crate for this guy, as he really enjoys “denning up” at night. It also is a nice safe place during thunderstorms or fireworks, which can bring out some anxiety in Anthony if he doesn’t have a quiet retreat available. This guy has so much to offer the right adopter. We hope to see him find a forever home where he can really thrive, he deserves it after all this time!

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