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Brian O'Connor and Terrence Kirby

While we have been trying to recover both personally and as an organization from the loss of our President and Founder, we have been working diligently to ensure that the work Claire began will continue into the future. To ensure that future we are now able to announce that we have hired both a new Executive Director and a new Trainer.

We ask you to please welcome new Executive Director Brian O'Connor. Interestingly, Brian knew Claire well when she was the Animal Control Officer in Cambridge and also attended two of our early Open Houses at Claire's invitation. Brian brings 21 years of animal welfare knowledge and experience. He comes to us from the Animal Rescue League of Boston where he most recently served as their Manager of Animal Rescue Services. Prior to that he was the Assistant Shelter Manager there. During the 18 years Brian served the Animal Rescue League of Boston he also served 6 years as an Animal Inspector for the City of Boston. Prior to his time at the ARL, he also spent 3 years at the MSPCA. Brian has an Animal Care degree from Becker College in Leicester, MA and has trained in numerous animal rescue programs such as Ice Rescue, Animal Disease Response, Advanced Diver Training and Large Animal Rescue among others.

Brian is a near neighbor to Cindy Knapp, our adoption Coordinator, as both of them live in the town adjacent to Sandown. He is looking forward to joining us at the beginning of May.

We also ask you to welcome Terry Kirby as our new trainer. Terry is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and has apprenticed and trained under some of the most renowned dog authorities including Jenifer Vickery of The Pawsitive Dog Training Center (multiple Best of Boston awards winner) and nationally recognized trainer and speaker, Brian Kilcommons. In addition to maintaining a rigorous schedule of self-education, you'll find Terry in attendance at several professional training workshops and seminars throughout the year. He is qualified and well-versed in a variety of training approaches and philosophies. In addition to his work at My Dogs Mind, Terence donates his time and resources to the evaluation and placement of sheltered dogs in the New Hampshire seacoast area. He will now be providing those same services at our shelter in Sandown.

With the addition of these two professionals, all of us at DRU are excited for the future of our organization and believe that we will be able to ensure that DRU continues to be the best of the best in providing rescue and adoption services to New England, New York, and New Jersey.

The Board of Directors and staff of Doberman Rescue Unlimited, Inc.

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