Some Available Dogs for Adoption

OZZIE is a 3 year old, black and rust, natural and docked male who was too protective for the busy horse barn where he lived. And while Ozzie may never get his picture on the “Pet of the Week” wall of fame, once he trusts, he craves the attention, affection and time spent with his person. Ozzie’s passion is running, running, running! He’ll chase a tennis ball ’til the cows come home. Ozzie’s obedience is good, however he needs management with reactiveness towards moving cars, perceived menacing strangers, potential stealers of his food and dogs that surely mean him harm. He needs structure and responds best to kindness and nurturing. Ozzie Pawsbourne, Prince of Darkness, is not a starter model but will be a super affectionate dog for someone, perhaps a homebody with a fenced yard. It’s no surprise Ozzie doesn’t like cats, but if correctly introduced to the right female dog, romance could bloom!

KARMA is a 6 ½ year old red female that is cropped and docked. Karma is a sassy girl with loads of personality. She needs to be placed in an adult household that can set some rules and boundaries and can also respect her rules and boundaries, cause she does have some! She is super lovey, loves attention and will give you tons of kisses, but if she’s laying on a couch by herself, she’s best left alone! Don’t worry she’ll give you a sideways look, so you know what she’s thinking! Karma came to us all the way from Mexico, where she was living in a multi dog household. She was kind of cranky and bossy to the smaller dogs in the house which is why she came to us. Safe to say no kitties. Karma has been great here and makes a wonderful office companion to hang out with, but we’d love to find her a place to call home. Is it “good Karma” to adopt a dog named Karma? I guess you’ll have to adopt her to find out.

KISER is a 3 year old red and rust male with natural ears and a docked tail that came to us a few months ago. He’s a social and happy dog with good obedience and a ton of energy. Given the right adult home, with someone who can channel that energy, he would do well. Loves chew toys and especially likes playing tug games. He will however destroy soft toys if given the opportunity. He can be reactive to some dogs and needs an experienced home that can work with him on this. Kiser did put his teeth on his former owner while barking and reacting to another dog but after hearing about the circumstances, we are pretty confident he didn’t mean it in an aggressive way. There was a lot going on, he got over stimulated, frustrated and made a mistake… he’s sorry and would like another chance.

POPEYE is a NM, about 5 1/2 yrs old and was a stray in NY city before coming our way. Popeye can be described as a lovable goofball, that some staff would consider a “cuddlebug”. He’s more people oriented and enjoys human companionship even more than other dogs. He does have some OCD type behavior with chewing at his foot but we are working on correcting that. No kids and uncertain about cats so lets not take a chance.

Twizzler, affectionately known as Twizzy, is a very handsome 5-year-old male who is looking for his forever home. He was returned last year because he had snapped at the wife in the home, and he had a history of not being friendly toward women. However, he has been GREAT here at DRU and the staff is mostly women. The staff, volunteers, and our trainer have spent a lot of time with Twizzy and he’s come a long way. He is super smart, eager to learn, and has terrific obedience. Twizzy loves to splash around in the kiddie pool, and his favorite thing is to romp in the big play yard with his buddy Sampson. He needs an experienced home that is willing to continue working with him, and keep him on a good path. No kids or cats for this guy’s new home please. Are you the someone special out there who is willing to open up their heart and home to give Twizzler a second chance?